I have an old high school friend who’s son just died from cancer.  I’ve been pretty torn up watching him lose his son.  Death is such a part of life, but it’s something you never really get used to.  It’s such a big experience.  Being a parent, I know what it would do to me to lose one of my children.  And yet, these experiences are unavoidable.  Life is it’s own animal.  Every person is born, spends a space of time here, and dies.  Nobody gets anything different than that.  So death is the equalizer of life.  Death is the end.  And yet, my faith is, is that death is NOT the end, but a new beginning.  New in the sense of it being something out side the realm of any experience we get in this life.  For me, life after death is a reality.  And I deeply believe that we all meet again “over there”.  This idea, that life continues on after death, is one of the most comforting, encouraging, and motivating factors of my life.  I get to have hope.  Not only hope, but a sense of my loved ones still being “present” even though in an unseen sphere of the living.  I can’t imagine not having this belief to guide me through many difficult experiences.  How do those who have no belief in life after death deal with lose, disappointment and discouragement?


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