So much of harmonious living in plural marriage boils down to my willingness to put aside my ego and my need to be “right”.  Whenever I engage in an interaction where I allow myself to respond to someone from my ego and my own selfish needs, I get myself into a really negative space.  There isn’t any good that’s accomplished with this. In fact, just the opposite.  It creates relationships where hurt, stress and conflict are the reigning factors.  I suppose it’s this way in any relationship, especially close ones, but the dynamics of plural marriage seem to create an environment where if you’re not on double watch, so to speak, things can get negative in hurry.  It continues to be a challenge for me to stay in the positive with people.  Watch that negative dialogue that can so easily crop up in my head, and exercise long suffering, understanding, and a willingness to take the hit.  Some days I do so much better than other days.  And lately, I’ve been asking myself why it still seems to be such a challenge when I know what I know and I’m committed to make of myself a better person.  (After all, that’s one of the grand purposes of this way of life.)  


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