Time marches on…

Today is the last day before kids go back to school.  Summer’s over…for all intent and purposes, that is.  The season won’t be over until September.  I went through most of my 30’s without a baby.  At 39, I ended up (surprisingly) having another (which was a miracle) and then at 42 I had another (another miracle).  Well, my first baby is starting kindergarten tomorrow.  She’s so excited.  I was talking with her yesterday about how she would have to do homework now.  Apparently, she doesn’t like homework and doesn’t feel inclined to think she should do it.  I tried several different conversational approaches to convince her that doing homework is the best approach when going to school.  None of them worked.  So, frustrated, I asked her if she wanted to just stay stupid all the years she goes to school.  She replied that of course she didn’t.  I asked her if she wanted to be smart while she went through school.  And, yes, of course, she wanted to be smart.  I said, “Then you’ll have to do all your homework.”  She promptly responded that she’s already smart and that she already knows how to do homework.  …Hmmm.. At that point, what could I say?  Nothing.  That’s right.  So, as she embarks on her years of schooling, I hope this conversation isn’t indicative of what’s in store.  


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