“Twas Not Chance

‘Twas not Chance which found these two hearts entwined,
Nor cast our lots together for all time.
But Providence kind, upon us to pile
Ethereal love, (oft misunderstood, for ’tis without guile).

But ‘twixt the breath of birth and death, expired
Lies a substance, its “gifts” desired.
Nor can be ignored, this human impulse when freed
To follow its path of unabated need.

But run its course, it’s decreed it must
Like all things of nature rust.
Doomed to end when life is spent
And ever lie ‘mid dusts’ decent.

And on each faltering breath impales
Dying desire on rented swells.
But change ‘tis given by eternal release
When this poor flesh, it’s heart doth cease.

Our bond turns toward higher climes
To mature and strengthen in Eternity’s time.
For ‘tis love’s sweetness that appears!
Beyond the reach of death, it’s sphere.

And in ends instant, love’s born entire,
To expand and build, never to expire.
And resumes in force, sweeter than words expressed,
Through eternal rounds increased by God’s bequest

For ’tis this purpose love is born
Our hearts to bind on resurrection’s morn.

~e 2007~


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