With Plural living everything is bigger.  Families are bigger and therefore everything connected with “Family” is bigger. Connections are broader, more expansive, more far reaching, more complicated because of multiple relationships…relationships that need constant nurturing. Living is more work, constant pressure and stress to provide for family, educate and parent children, and keep up with the plethora of interpersonal issues and feelings that develop on a regular basis that stem from living together.   However, there’s also more love, support, family connections, and people who touch your life, are concerned about you, who need you, who are there to reach out a helping hand, and who, in the end, leave huge imprints on you as you experience life in all it’s kaleidoscopic events and apprehensions.  I’m still mourning for my Mother Nee Nee..and will for a long time.  I miss her.  There are so many ways she’s touched my life, I can’t begin to list them all.  She’s the “first” to go…but I have ALL my parents that I will most likely experience leaving this life.  So, it’s BIG.  I don’t have just TWO parents…but many.  I know many people wonder why someone would want this life for the very reason that it is so big.  But there’s not one mother, brother or sister that I don’t love and have a connection with and that I wouldn’t want to have as family.  That’s amazing to me when I really stop to think about it.  In leu of how family relations can get so complicated and sometimes nasty.  The bottom line, I can’t help coming to each time I think it all through, is love.  The challenges that beset an individual that lives with so many people require the development of patience, long suffering, understanding, brotherly kindness, forgiveness, and a constant giving of oneself. Giving until it hurts, often enough.  So, in essence, it requires Love.  And because of the larger number of people, life happens at an accelerated rate.  Circumstances are always giving something you have to be dealing with.  So, in other words, it works the hell right out of you.  😉  And I wouldn’t have life any other way. 


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