Today, I’ve be…


Today, I’ve been married 25 years.  What an amazing journey.  It’s been so very different than I ever anticipated.  When I began my married life, I had hope, dreams and ambitions.  I have such a different life than I ever saw myself having in my youth.  Those dreams and ambitions have been, in many ways, dashed by the reality of “the principle”.  I’ve had my heart broken and broken again.  I’ve been through ups and downs…some very deep downs.. but looking back today on the journey, I feel nothing but grateful.  Grateful for all the experience…mostly the difficult experiences because it’s been those moments and what I’ve learned going through them that have defined and led me to who I am today. I like myself when I feel strong, capable, focused, and open to the future.  I feel that way today.  Living the principle makes you face yourself and all the ugly, selfish things that you are. It’s sometimes excruciating to see the truth about yourself..and frightening. But when you begin to realize your life and destiny are in your hands..and the person you are is all within your control…and that the people around who can affect you so much are in truth mere spectators and you don’t have to allow them more credence than they deserve, that’s when you gain some liberation and personal strength to become a kinder, more loving, selfless, abundant individual. One more thing that I can’t end this post without mentioning and that is my children. My children are the source of so much joy and enjoyment in my life. What would my life be without them? I can’t even imagine. I’m looking at them in amazement.  They’re beautiful, intelligent, capable kids..who’re growing into adulthood beautifully, I believe.  So I woke today looking back, reflecting, and full of gratitude for the plethora of good things in life.