I have a son living in my house..He’s not my “birth” son, but I claim him every bit as much as if he were. I was watching him the other day, and I felt over whelmed at how absolutely amazing and awesome he is. I’ve been doing that lately with the children in general who live in our home. But Geo…he’s wiggled his way utterly and completely into my heart. He’s one of those kids that has tons of energy and therefore often has incorrigible, sassy behavior because he hasn’t learned to manage it better yet. This rubs and irritates some people and their view of him is not so favorable as mine. And so his absolute awesomeness isn’t so readily acknowledged. However, he’s a handsome young man, intelligent, with a delightful sense of humor, warm and affectionate, a tease to the core, has an intense sense of fairness, can definitely be incorrigible! is very artistically talented (he’s compiled himself a portfolio of all his drawings and paintings), very savvy to social dynamics, as well as other qualities I won’t continue to list here. Oh!..AND…he loves me!

With all that said, what is so absolutely amazing with Geo is his creative energy. He always has something going that’s constructive, creative, or new. He doesn’t waste his time watching TV or playing video games. He has a love for growing things. I often see him with plant trimmings in a container of water “rooting” which he’ll later put into a house pot, or plant somewhere in the yard. He’ll putter in the yard making his own little herb garden because I’m too picky about people harvesting the herbs wrong and he want to be able to use fresh herbs when he wants them. He plants pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, or and other things because he wants to be able to make fresh salsa and stuffed peppers. He tells me, “I can feel if plants are happy or not.” Geo also loves animals and so has an ongoing collection of bugs and other varmints. He’ll bring home pollywogs to grow into frogs, and catch lizards or spiders. He informed me the other day he really, really wants to start raising chickens so he can harvest their eggs! Hahahaha..I told him I would love that, but he has to get his dad’s permission. This summer, his dad has put in him charge of watering lawns, all flowers, shrubs and trees, weeding, fertilizing, dead-heading plants, and keeping the yard “Green and Clean”. This motto is his guideline. So far, he’s doing a great job…the lawn is green, flowers are blooming beautifully, dead-heading is kept up, and the yard is free of clutter and weeds. So, his horticultural abilities are budding.
He LOVES working in the kitchen. He’s always asking if he can try a “new” recipe he’s invented. And he’ll ask my opinion on many of his new ideas. He won a gift certificate from his school for an end of year drawing. He used this money to buy the ingredients for a dinner he wanted to cook for his dad’s birthday. He often asks me if he can make me dinner. He’ll arrange the plate with a garnish on the side, serve it to me on a tray, sometimes with a fresh flower in a vase, and discuss with me how it tastes, the herbs he used and the technique he used to cook it. This summer, he’s been into making “drinks”. He’ll spend his pennies on purchasing fresh lemons, limes, oranges, and berries so he can have the ingredients to make a shake or some “mixed” drink. He scours the yard for fresh herbs and edible flowers to crush into the mixture or that would pretty as a garnish. When we need something grilled, he’s always up for the task and is becoming quite skilled with it. And, he has a taste for how food is put together, what spices, herbs, and seasonings compliment each other, how to cook the food “just right”, and the presentation of the finished food.
I love being a part of his experimental learning and I have to admit, I’m partial to allowing him “privileges” the other children aren’t always allowed. It drives wife #2 crazy and at times she vents a bit on me because he’ll leave a mess, or use something from the frig he didn’t ask about. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m glad to take the venting to see a child bloom and mature in such delightful ways. I DO teach him that “collaborating” in the kitchen includes keeping it clean and washing up dishes and putting them away when he’s finished. If he violates that, I tell him “No” the next time he asks for kitchen privileges.
It’s such a pleasure to watch him…And, I feel very warmed and blessed to share in Geo’s life. I enjoy working with him, talking to him, and generally, his association. And he’s only 13! What a beautiful bonus for the hard work that comes with living plural marriage.


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