I have been fee…


Color!…Glorious Color!

I have been feeling an urgency to change up my life a bit.  Summer has brought with it me stir crazy and sweet, nostalgic memories of the carefree, happy hours of childhood spent at play in my favorite haunts. I think this urgency comes from a need for rejuvenation ..and certainly it comes from a need to be submersed in something that brings me complete carefree joy. Adulthood brings with it so many responsibilities, stresses, and unending work that I’ve come to realize I’ve forgotten how to be that exuberant, spontaneously joyful person I once was, who had the ability to creat freshness in my life through the zealousness of living every moment as if each one was the best I’d ever had. So…How to rediscover the simplicity of living joyful? Stop, look around you, really SEE what you have, and figure out how to enjoy something “old” in a new way.

We’ve been working for years on our yard..improving here and there as we have been able.  This year we were able to add to our patio area and lay down some lawn.  Wow! The benefits are so much more worth the cost, we’ve been pinching ourselves and asking why we didn’t do so much sooner! But, every year, we make some improvement in the yard and by the end of each summer, I’m kicking myself that I haven’t taken the opportunity to spend time in the yard enjoying it. So, last week, I had a couple of vacation days. I decided to set a goal of enjoying the nature in my own back yard. What better way to do this than spend vacation there?  I took a whole day and enjoyed my yard.  I started out in the morning with coffee on the lawn and ended my day with cocktails on the patio.  The rejuvenation that comes with basking in nature is unparalleled.  I felt I had gotten away, and been completely refreshed!  Plus I had a clean bathroom when I needed it, “free” food, and home entertainment to boot!  I was a little surprised at how much I enjoyed the day.  And I learned something about the place I call home.  It has its own (in miniature) natural rhythms. There is a whole plethora of sights, sounds, and scents that normally I never tune in to. For example, take the morning light as it sifts through the dense greenery of the trees..this light sparkles and shifts in a lively, merry dance to the tune of wild birds twittering and chirping. The cool, clean morning air aerates the aroma of my coffee and adds an extra “something” to its already rich, robust flavors. And, children’s laughter filters through like perfectly compiled background music, a natural and complimentary addition to the pleasant morning happenings. Aaahh… Pure Heaven.
…And my day was a complete success! I’ll vacation in my yard again. In fact I’ll be spending a day each week until the end of summer…basking in sun and nature. And I learned anew that part of living life to it’s fullest is learning how to take every day opportunities to stop, listen, and enjoy the little things that make a house a home. Happy Summer!


I often read ab…


I often read about the controversy of polygamy and the perspectives various people express.  I just finished reading several pages of comments on the OWN network site in response to a couple episodes that were hosted by Lisa Ling.  Lisa spent considerable time interviewing, filming, and editing these pieces.  I was quite impressed with how fairly she covered the issues….However…..

I am consistently amazed at how vindictive and narrow minded people are.  I have a question to ask those who judge this lifestyle so harshly.  What should I believe?  I’m considered to be misled, brainwashed, brainLESS, oppressed, a whore, chattel for the use of a man, bought and owned, etc..etc..etc.  So what life do you want for me?  What’s the BEST life can offer me because I want the BEST!

I can absolutely guarantee that I’ve searched, sorted, sifted, rethought, challenged, spoken my mind, and all in all, faced the plethora of issues and concerns that are continually raised in regards to this way of life.  This religion is considered against everything that is humane, decent, moral, or right…and the biggest issue that people have with it isn’t that a man has more than one woman, but …that one person is “telling” another person what to believe, how they should live, etc.  And through all these expression of concern and abhorrence I keep coming back to this…given the premise that no one has the right to counsel, direct, teach, or guide another through religion, how, in anyone’s right mind, does one consider him/herself more able and qualified to tell me what I should believe for my religion than I am.. or my parents were? or my grandparents…or community members…  So, I’m brainwashed…Tell me WHO ISN’T brainwashed by the time they’re 5 years old?  The reality is that we all are born into this world to a set of parents who bring us up according to their reality and ideals.  All parents have beliefs, predispositions, idiosyncrasies, preferences, “programming” from THEIR parents, etc. that they pass on to their children.  So tell me; what makes another’s upbringing more valid than mine?  I am grateful to my parents for all the wonderful things they did for me.  And guess what, I’ve had to sort through some crap they laid on me.  I’ve had to decide what to keep and what to discard.  I’ve had to come to the awareness of what I was taught versus what I choose to believe.  Isn’t this what life is all about, for all of us?  However we start out, whatever we grow up to be, each one of us is ultimately responsible for what we become.  I have to establish what my values are.  Because I choose to live in a plural union does not change this reality.  If there are people who abuse others in the name of religion, that’s no more “right” than people who abuse others just because they’re selfish, mean, ill tempered, had a bad day, or whatever reason they may justify themselves with.  I think some of the issues have been muddled.  Religion isn’t at fault. Believing in a higher power, principles that produce good in ones life isn’t what is at fault.  It’s the egotistical, selfish, mean, controlling desires and behaviors that exist everywhere on earth, in every nation, with every people, and every culture.  It’s the choices of behavior that create evil among the children of the earth.   So, I have children and teach them the things I’ve learned from life.  And of course I’m going to teach my children about the things I most value, appreciate and love.  Human beings have been going through this cycle of life that’s been going on for thousands of years.  So remember, you’re human, I’m human, and we are all in this life on the same level..as human beings just struggling along trying to learn how to deal with this great big thing called LIFE.  And before passing judgment, “walk a mile in my shoes”.