My Grandmother on my mother’s side just passed away. She’s 98..which is plenty long to live so I’m not sad for her and it’s no tragedy she’s gone. But, I don’t like these changes…people who have been a constant presence throughout my whole life leaving now. It reminds me of the fast pace of time and that I have to grow up a bit more which at the moment, I feel very inept to take on.

The wonderful qualities she left for me? A legacy of steadfastness and final rectitude. She loved the principle of plural marriage and always expressed her support of it and her love for the principle of it. She was a beautiful woman..tough as nails, independent, fiercely staunch in what she felt was right and truth. I love her and will miss her influence in this sometimes drab existence.


My family did an interview on polygamy a few years ago which has been posted on the internet. I’ve had several friends send me the link…which I’ve seen many times. Yesterday another friend sent me the link so I (again) followed the link. However, this time, I read the myriad of comments posted there. (Don’t know why I never read them before) BUT… Bad Idea. There was very little good said and a LOT of very negative comments posted. Many of the comments were extremely harsh. I was at first angry and then sickened as I was reading through the comments. I even contemplated leaving my own rebuttal among the plethora but quickly realized that the emotions being expressed were those of hatred, prejudice, and complete ignorance about the life style of plural marriage.
What was disconcerting was that we (our personal family as well as polygamists in general) were being talked about as though we were the worst possible human beings. And I was asking myself why I was even allowing such stink and ignorance make me feel so accosted. On several comments, I was called a whore. The word “brainwashed” was used freely…and “uneducated”.. as well as other expletives I don’t care to repeat. Why would one human being be so small minded about another human being who they’ve never met, let alone interacted with, and why would a human being make a judgment of another human being based on his/her religious choice? And what makes one human being better than another human being just because they happen to have views in line with “popular belief”?