I’m so excited that the Thanksgiving Holiday is here! And I have no idea why since, starting tonight, I’ll be baking pies for the next day and a half and by the time Thanksgiving dinner is over Thursday evening I’ll be utterly exhausted. But, I’m really happy to be wishing all of you out there who happen to read this a wonderful, warm, family filled Thanksgiving. Bon Appitit!


Haven’t written here for awhile. What’s been goin’ on with me?

We’ve had a wonderful fall but now, mother nature is saying it’s time remind us that winter is on it’s way. Last week, we got heavy rains, wind, and cold. Your typical fall weather…beautiful, but really chilly. After that, a few days of really warm weather…then a cooooooold snap. The high for today will be 48º F and the low will be around 28º F.

I’ve been walking to work every day. I decided at the beginning of the summer I would begin that and thought I’d just continue it until it got cold, but it’s been so great, I’m still walking. I love it. It gives me a few minutes of fresh air, sun, and quiet contemplation every day before I start my work.

Thanksgiving Holiday is coming up. We’re a couple weeks out and at home, we’re getting the house ready. We always do a “spring cleaning” at this time of year. Each one of us ladies take a portion of the home and clean every inch of it. It a great start to the holiday season. And it’s hubby’s best holiday of the year so we always make it very formal. This year he invited a sister and her husband to dinner..and one of his brothers family. We’ll have a crowd. But hopefully that means some of the baking and cooking I can offload. 😀

We have 5 teenagers now. Our home is smaller, just because of the bulk their adult bodies take up. It’s amazing how teenagers change home life…and change you as a parent. You would think it would be easier to parent them, but it’s not. They’re becoming their own person… so as a parent you begin to interact with them as an adult. It makes the relationship more complex and then, you have to learn how to let go of them…allow them to make more and more of the major decisions for their life. My son will be 16 years old tomorrow. He’s turned into a very creative young man. He plays the piano and the guitar…writes poetry, is teaching himself how to compose music, writes his own lyrics, is playing in a band he created and found a mentor for…and is keeping up with his school. His music is a really positive outlet for him. He’s constantly working on some musical piece, and he just performed some of his poetry in a local poetry reading. I’m proud of him and happy to see him finding himself.

Well…I’m headed to my workout…don’t have time to write much more. Signing off for today.