Tomorrow night we’re getting together with a few friends for cooking, drinking beer, and eating german food. An “Octoberfest” so to speak. My part is to cook a German cheesecake, so tonight, that’s what I’ll be doing after my workout. I’ve never made a German cheesecake, only americanized versions such as the New York style cheese cake, pumpkin cheese cake..etc. So, I searched for recipes online and found what I think will be a really good recipe. An interesting tidbit is the cheese that’s used in the cake is called Quark..a soft, white german cheese. I’ve never heard of this cheese before so I searched it on Wikipedia. I can’t find it in this area…. 😦 (One of the disadvantages in rural USA)…so I have to substitute a farmers cheese such as chevre or a cream cheese. Anyway…so…I’m hoping I chose a good recipe. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night when we eat it. 🙂 So the whole menu will be german which I’m looking forward to. I love German food.
Takes me back to a bit of my early adulthood. …..There’s an Octoberfest I used to go to at a ski resort. My dad has had a timeshare there for years…it’s located in the mountains east of Salt Lake City. The Octoberfest begins this weekend every year. The autumn colors are in full flame as a back drop to authentic german food…german beer…live german music…and german dancing. My dad’s grandmother was from Germany so there’s some association there with the culture and people. I know it’s in my blood….and I had some fun times.
Bon Appetit!
(Yeah, I know..that’s french!)


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