So the cheesecake was a hit. I was quite delighted with the recipe and will make it again. The only problem (which was my own fault) was that when it fell, it pulled away from the crust. I don’t think it was supposed to do that. It’s supposed to fall dramatically, the recipe said, but not pull away from the sides. Anyway..the texture was very nice, the taste was very good, and the fresh strawberry topping I made complimented the cake deliciously. 🙂
As far as the food went..every thing was wonderful..including the beer. 😉


I don’t know how the German cheese cake turned out. I’ll taste it tonight. But, I’ve never seen a cheese cake with the kind of texture this one has. It took me a LONG time to make and the baking, from start to finish was over two hours. It’s always a challenge making a recipe for the first time. There’s always things I don’t anticipate, even when I’ve read, and re-read the recipe.
…well…wish me luck! 🙂

Tomorrow night we’re getting together with a few friends for cooking, drinking beer, and eating german food. An “Octoberfest” so to speak. My part is to cook a German cheesecake, so tonight, that’s what I’ll be doing after my workout. I’ve never made a German cheesecake, only americanized versions such as the New York style cheese cake, pumpkin cheese cake..etc. So, I searched for recipes online and found what I think will be a really good recipe. An interesting tidbit is the cheese that’s used in the cake is called Quark..a soft, white german cheese. I’ve never heard of this cheese before so I searched it on Wikipedia. I can’t find it in this area…. 😦 (One of the disadvantages in rural USA)…so I have to substitute a farmers cheese such as chevre or a cream cheese. Anyway…so…I’m hoping I chose a good recipe. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night when we eat it. 🙂 So the whole menu will be german which I’m looking forward to. I love German food.
Takes me back to a bit of my early adulthood. …..There’s an Octoberfest I used to go to at a ski resort. My dad has had a timeshare there for years…it’s located in the mountains east of Salt Lake City. The Octoberfest begins this weekend every year. The autumn colors are in full flame as a back drop to authentic german food…german beer…live german music…and german dancing. My dad’s grandmother was from Germany so there’s some association there with the culture and people. I know it’s in my blood….and I had some fun times.
Bon Appetit!
(Yeah, I know..that’s french!)