Things that piss me off..

It’s interesting that no matter how much some people receive, they still end up feeling like they are deprived. It’s a victim and entitlement attitude towards life…

Wife #2 has been recouping from her baby. The birth went text book perfect, the baby is beautiful and doing really great, and mother is recouping fine. The kids have been so excited to have a new baby in the family…my little two year old thinks the baby is hers. Wife #2 has been met with love and waited on, literally, hand and foot..with every need met, home in good order, children loved and taken care of, good hot meals, laundry done, her area kept clean..etc..etc. All this done by her sister wives who were looking forward to spending some time being “home mom”, and who each gave a week of their summer vacation time so they could be home helping out. And what do I hear today? Apparently Wife #2 feels like she’s OWED the two weeks off because she works so hard at being the mother at home. She’s right. She does work hard. But what her attitude prevents is her seeing what people are doing for her. Her attitude has closed her off from truly experiencing the love and friendship that is there for her with her “sisters” and it has closed her off from having gratitude for what she has. If this attitude wasn’t such a common thread throughout so much of living with her, maybe I wouldn’t feel so irritated about it. I know I still have a long way to go before I’m even close to a “good” person, and so I try to not be so upset when things like this happen, but this has just put me into a slow simmer. It stings, after working for so many years on a relationship, someone is still so insensitive, selfish, and self centered. The saddest part of all this is that she alienates herself by this attitude. It’s difficult to have a trusting relationship when there’s little appreciation, empathy, and goodwill to attend it. She hasn’t to date, expressed a “Thank You” for the care that was extended to her.
…I’ll get over it. And in a year from now, won’t hardly remember. But today, I’ve just got to breathe!


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