Going home tonight, opening a bottle of wine and finishing book 7 in the Sword of Truth series I started 2 months ago. I’ve been on a reading binge the past 6 months that has been unprecedented the past 15 years. One of the things I’ve committed to myself I would do is put more focus on “my” life. My trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago kind of jarred me into recognition that I’ve lost a bit of myself that I need to rediscover. I used to like myself.. and I used to have a well of well being on the inside that has been whittled down considerably the past few years. I want a few things back and am committed to the rediscovery of them. To be able to enjoy the simplest of things like.. bare feet through fine sand, or a thunderstorm, the quiet of the mountains on a hiking excursion, the moon light on a summer night… I intend to rediscover my childlike satisfaction and spontaneity. Like for example…. I can be a lizard and lay naked on a rock to catch the sun on my skin… or lick ice cream on a hot summer afternoon.. take a walk for no other reason than because it feels good.. This is my simple goal for the summer. Have a great weekend!


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