Yesterday… January 20th, 2009..

My grandmother, on my dad’s side, turned 96. Amazing. I went to visit her last night…and as I was sitting there visiting, I watched her. She’s a beautiful person. I think old age strips a person down to the very essence of their self. There my grandmother sat, her mind, sharp as a tack, but with this old, wrinkled, feeble body. And on the inside, she is still this beautiful, young, vibrant woman. My heart has been overflowing with love for her. And appreciation for all the things she’s given me…just by the choices she’s made in her life, and by the kind of support and dedication to the truths she’s embraced. I admire her…and feel that each day she’s still alive is a gift.



It’s 12:59 January 1st 2010. Family is gathered downstairs…the new years toasts finished, conversation and music going strong and I decided to write a post. Husband invited two friends over with their families. One friend agreed to make pizza for us all…and it was fantastic. Along with the fabulous pizza, we had some really great wine…and then at the new year, champagne..which usually gives me a heahache if it’s inexpensive. And I became an observer at the party. It’s what I do often…watch people…observe…and tuck away little observations. I always find it interesting..and sometimes…disconcerting..but whatever I see, it’s always enlightening. I learn a lot about people sitting..watching and listening. And as I watch, I think..and converse with myself….

What’s coming this year of 2010?
I’d like to say I’m for sure going to turn over a new leaf, lose 150 lbs, be kind always, find happiness in the little things, be always grateful, and fall in love all over again…but I think I’ve become a little jaded, and certainly, at the moment, a bit disillusioned. So, I’m being realistic and intentional since my new years resolutions from last year weren’t realized..(how demoralizing)…so for 2010, what I intend doing is just..keeping on and holding to the hope I’ll improve, even a little bit.

Happy New Year ya’ll…