It’s late and Christmas day is over.  It was a nice day beginning with eggs benedict for brunch this morning cooked by husband.  The kids had a great time helping “papa” cook dinner and Christmas dinner was nice..especially the line up of wine.  (Am I developing too much of a taste for wine?)  😉  I’m a bit drunk at the moment so feeling relaxed.  However, it seems with these sort of events, they’re never uneventful and this one certainly matched up with that expectation.

I don’t know when I’m ever going to be used to certain things with plural marriage.  It seems after so many years I would be perfectly acclimated to all the intimacies and ups and downs..but I’m not.  Things still hurt, make me jealous, unsettled, angry..etc.  But the curious thing is..with each bout ..however difficult, it seems I find myself on the other side of the experience still standing… but sometimes I wonder why.  Am I really just a machocist?

Anyway… so, even though the day was nice I’m a bit …hurt? unsettled?…maybe just…not trusting people at the moment.  And, maybe it’s not such a great idea that I write about it here… but I do anyway.

What a merry christmas…


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