I’m SOOOOoooo glad to be done with this day.  We did a game day for the kids.  We had 20 kids we invited so we had a LOT of kids ranging from 18 down to 3 to supervise for the afternoon and evening.  We put on a nice munchy spread for them with a punch bowl.  They just left and it’s after 11:00!  I’m exhausted and just bloody glad to be done.  Of course, the kids have no clue the work and the patience it takes doing this kind of thing.  But, they’ll have memories…and if they every try to duplicate it as adults with their own kids, they’ll have an ahaah moment of appreciation.

anyway… I can’t believe I booked my holidays so heavy.  Course, it seems I do that every year and promise myself I won’t do it again the next year..and somehow manage to do it all over again.  When will I learn?

Well, it’s late, I’m tired.  My baby is crying for me..and I’m signing off.


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