I slept in today.  It was nice but I think wife #2 is pissed off at me because I’m not up and doing as she is. 😉   But, after the week I had last week…I needed a little down time.  To add to the terribly busy schedule, I had several nights up with the baby.  Last night I was so exhausted I gave the baby to my oldest daughter and slept like a baby.  🙂  I feel much more energized today and am ready to face this week which will be another crammed full week.

Today I’ll spend making candy and cheese balls for the yearly gift baskets we do for the grandparents and inlaws.  We don’t do them for everyone of course…way to many people.  But we do it for my parents, my husbands parents, and wife #3’s parents and a couple of my husband’s brothers.  Wife #2 is estranged from her family so we have no association with them.. which is sad.  anyway..

back to my day..

Shopping for a few more ingredients…making candy, cheese balls..and tonight, a few friends will be over to plan for a “cooking” party we’ll be doing next Monday.  It’s exhausting having fun!  😉  On top of my cooking, I have laundry..endless laundry.  If you ever consider having a big family, think of all the laundry you’ll have to do.  It’s what I consider before I have another baby.  (jk)  But seriously, with a big family comes all the domestic things of caring for that family including LOADS of laundry.  What I really want to be doing today is reading.  I finished the Ender and Ender’s Shadow series which I really enjoyed.  So I’ve started another series.  It’s not the caliber of say…Tolkien, but it’s still good writing.

(Wife #2 really is pissed.  I can hear it in her voice.  I do feel a bit guilty I’m haven’t shown myself yet today and I’m here writing on my post, a totally frivilous activity.)

That’s another thing about living in a big family, you’re always obligated to the others you live with.  You always feel accountable for the things you do and how the things you do affect others.  Sometimes I get sick of feeling obligated to always accommodate so many other people.  It gets tiring and sometimes if feels like I’m being pulled apart in different directions.

Okay, well, I’ve gotten way off track from where I started.  I better sign off.  I have tons to do.  Have a great day!


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