Christmas thoughts…

So, we’re going into the holiday season, and I’ve been reflecting about my life (as usual) and the meaning of it all.  I believe the most worthwhile things in  life have their foundation in the relationships we (human beings) form between each other.  Think about it.  The material things of life have no meaning when one has noone to share them with.  People bring meaning to life.  I think of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all the children of God the world over, and it’s indeed a miraculous, beautiful opportunity for us all to acknowledge this opportunity that, God, the father of us all, gives us to come back to him through the sacrifice of his only begotten son.  This opportunity is extended to each one of us, each day we live.  I think the love God has for his children is very largely misunderstood.  The longer I’m a parent, the more I come to have gratitude for what God has given me, and MOST of all, I’m grateful for the people I have connections with..for the friends, loved ones, associates, and all who’ve come through my life at one time or another.  I truly believe in the brotherhood of mankind and that we all knew each other in the pre-existence, and that we formed bonds, friendships, associations, and connections there, and that we actually have the opportunity here, in this life, to rediscover those connections.  Jesus Christ believed in the brotherhood of mankind and he loved God, his father, enough to lay his life down so we all could benefit.  How does the quote go?  “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.”  Well, I certainly haven’t been required to lay my life down.  However, I have opportunities every day to extend the principles Jesus lived to all who come within my scope of action.  This is such a foundational belief for me, I can’t excuse myself when I fall short.

Readers, whatever your faith is, or if you have no belief in God, but believe in Good, the Christmas season represents something of value that all people can relate to.  May the good you seek, furrow deep, sprout, and grow in you, and may you acknowledge, with gratitude, all the good things you have.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Best Wishes for the New Year!  God bless us all.  🙂


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