More to say…

So yesterday, I spent the day baking.  I baked 13 pies, burned two of them (damnit!, never done THAT before), seasoned the turkey, and got to bed at 2:30 a.m. (early for when I usually get to bed on Thanksgiving Eve.)  Anyway, an eventful day.  Our family got a kitten a month ago.  My 8 year old daughter talked her dad into letting her get a pet.  This has been an ongoing conversation between the two of them for about 4 years.  He finally relented and we got a kitten.  She was beautiful…white all over except her face and all four paws, and she had the most beautiful, startling blue eyes.  I’m not a person who likes having pets, but this little thing wiggled herself into my heart in less than a week.  It’s been cold and I made a place for her in our mechenical room where’s it’s warm.  She was house trained in two days, and was one of the family in less than a week.  I actually began doting on her (as much as I ever dote on an animal). Anyway, two days ago, she went missing.  I had a really sick feeling about it.  She never showed up at the door to be let in for the night.  I called and called her..and the next morning, I asked around the family about her.  Well, yesterday afternoon I was talking to one of our boys and they mentioned seeing a neighbor boy with her the previous afternoon.  I sent my 8 year old daughter to ask the neighbor about it.  When all was said and done and sorted out, the boy admitted to killing our kitten.   He brutally “murdered” our little Marshmellow.  When I say murdered, that’s exactly what I mean.  I’ve been sickend and very upset and emotional about it.  And I haven’t been able to get out of my head the pain she must have suffered in dying.  I’m so angry, I have to not think about it.  Innocence is innocence and something beautiful and innocent was murdered for the sake of recreation, fun, getting kicks out of killing cats.  The experience has given me much more understanding and empathy for animals and, weirdly enough, I feel more connected to the animal kingdom now.  It’ll take a long time before I get over the loss and the anger at the utter waste of innocent life.


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