Thanksgiving Preparations…

I don’t know what the rest of the country does as far as preparing for Thanksgiving, but in our home, we take the couple weekends before and do a “spring” cleaning of our home.  This year, the ladies didn’t meet to organize our cleaning schedules at the usual time.  Instead we met a week later, and now, are paying for it by having to take a day off work and schedule cleaning projects in the evenings each day this week.  How we usually accomplish this momentous task is; each lady takes a section of the home and deep cleans it.  The main floor living area is my part to clean.  This includes cleaning out all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, dining, and living area.  I have to re-organize it all.  Clean the stove, oven, refrigerator, scrub walls, carpets, floors, wash draperies, windows and window sills, etc..etc.  I’ve already done a couple projects and will be heading home tonight after work and my workout to do another.  My schedule gets busier and more demanding as our family grows.  Wife #2 is expecting another baby and, (being the mother who stays home she usually takes a big part of the this yearly cleaning load), isn’t in the best condition to take the load she normally takes.  This puts extra stress on me and wife #3 and it’ll be a juggling act getting it all done by this weekend.  But, when it’s all done, it’s nice to have a clean home to welcome in the holiday season.  Of course, we have older children who help with all this.  The mothers couldn’t do it all themselves.  That’s how big families work.  Everyone shares in the responsibilities of keeping up the home.


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