Hot Topic…

Yesterday I was trolling the net and stumbled across a website that markets tours of the “largest polygamous community in the United States”, Colorado City.  I was indignant.  The person (with a couple brothers) who started this company came from Colorado City and he (not his two brothers) was well integrated into the religious system under Warren Jeffs.  The fact that he currently is not longer affiliated with the religion does not (in my opinion) give him justification to sell HIS story as “THE story” and encroach on people in such a way to display them as oddities in a circus to be gawked at because of their “strangeness”.  I wrote something to express my repulsion of this.


Religion for sale!
Pay me to tell.
Come one, come all
Peek at my old hell.

This history I’ll give
You’ll want to hear
Fifty dollars will do
To get the story clear

Let’s drive through town
I’ll give you the sell
Picture Utopia here
And how it fell

See that ribbon?
Look at that bow!
She might smile
But I really know.

He’s so happy
He’s got three wives
They move as one
Scared for their lives

I’ll tell the world
This was a sweet place
How I was wronged
And fell from grace.

The canyon walls have ears
Trees whisper names
Those who stay aren’t scared
‘Cause they know the game

Children scatter like rats
Women turn their backs
Men threaten with scowls
As bus tires leave tracks

Flash your bulbs!
Get that there picture!
Make sure it’s good!
It’ll make me richer!


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